Earn £5 per week with Happi Rewards Android App

Earn £5 per week with Happi Rewards Android App

Happi rewards people generously for their participation in mobile monitoring research and honest and thoughtful responses to surveys. Specifically, they pay in cash-like prizes £5 for each week of compliant monitoring participation and roughly £9 per hour for surveys, assuming your average time per question response is 5 seconds. Your mobile behavior is what triggers the survey questions, so they can’t predict how many questions you will get each week.

Their internal currency is a Smile. Happi Smiles are worth £0.01. They give 500 Smiles for each week on monitoring and 1 to 10 Smiles for each survey response. Sometimes, they have Happi Missions, like mystery shopping or picture taking, and they give many more Smiles to people who participate in those.

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