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Frequently Asked Questions from the Community.
How much does it cost to signup?
The Extreme Savers community is always free to join. Browse our deals, freebies, bargains and start saving right away. We work hard to find you the best deals and find them cheaper than anywhere else.
Do I pay more going via your website or socials?
No, You will always pay the same price, if not less, by going through Extreme Savers. You can earn points with a selection of our retailers and take advantage of exclusive agreed discounts.
I have a problem with something I have bought can you help?
If you have an issue with something you have bought, please contact the website you bought it from and they will assist. We only work with genuine retailers who have high trust scores.
How do you find the bargains?
Our amazing deal hunters are passionate about finding the best deals every day from our offices in North Devon. The community also contributes deals to the site and earns Amazon Vouchers as rewards. 
Can i become a deal hunter?
We are always on the lookout for new members who can contribute to our community. Register for an account and see if you are eligible to take part.
Why do you run this for free? Is there a catch?
No Catch.. Ever! This community will always remain free. We receive commission on some sales for through the website but this doesn’t influence which deals get posted.

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